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At-Home School
At-home school. Earn a doctoral, Master's or Bachelor's degree online at Walden University. Prepare for your future today - at your own pace. U.S. applicants only.

Keystone High School - Home School
With Keystone National High School's accredited 9-12th grade programs, you can earn your high school education at home. Take individual classes or obtain your high school diploma at home.

Home School with Calvert School
Our academically stimulating curriculum (Pre-K thru 8th grade) inspires children to realize their full potential. Our time-tested tools and support make you an effective, productive teacher.

Home Schooling Plus

Many parents who home school their children would agree on one thing; they want the best education for their children that they can provide. This is often the reason which motivates parents to choose home schooling in the first place. Home schooled children arguably receive an education that is superior in many ways than what they would acquire at a public school.

Home Schooling Plus is a valuable resource for parents with home schooled children. This website includes information to help parents choose the proper curriculum to suit their child and education philosophies, as well as helpful teaching hints, curriculum ideas, useful home school resources and explanations of the various home school methods - including classical home schooling, Christian home schooling, home high school and online home school.

Home Schooling Plus was also created to encourage parents to focus heavily on grammar in their home school curriculum. English grammar is the most important subject for your child to learn. Don't neglect it! Be sure that your child receives the education he/she deserves. And remember that the curriculum provided by your state or local public school board is only a starting point. Home schooling parents can use the public school curriculum as a basic guideline for their own curriculum or just ignore it completely in order to focus on their child's specific interests, strengths and energies.

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Happy studying!

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