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How to Clean the Woodwork in Your Home

Cleaning woodwork in your home can be a backbreaking chore, especially if you live in a large home. Nonetheless, you do need to regularly clean your woodwork to keep it free of dust and to also keep it free of stains that can occur from dust and debris sitting too long on the woodwork. I read tons of chain saw reviews, and still people complain about cleaning the woodwork and the dust. An easy way to clean dust and debris from the woodwork in your home does exist. Just follow these directions to help you easily clean the dust and debris from your woodwork:

Obtain the proper cleaning materials. You need to start with a broom, but not just any broom. A straw broom fails to work well for this cleaning job because it fails to sweep in small sections at a time due to the straw being so far apart. Too, it scrapes up the wall as you whisk it along the woodwork. The best type of broom to use would be a hand broom that has the soft bristles. If you don’t want to work on your knees (say, for instance, if you need to clean a large home), get an Angler broom. The Angler has soft bristles and offers thorough coverage of the area in which you sweep.

Pull the furniture from the wall. Now that you have the proper cleaning material, you can get started cleaning your woodwork. The first thing you want to do is pull the furniture away from the wall. You could do this as you go along, but you risk the dirt and debris flying over onto the furniture, which means that you’ll have to next clean the furniture, so just go ahead and move the furniture before you start cleaning. Now that you have moved the furniture, place your soft-bristled broom on the top corner of the woodwork that you want to clean and move the bristles across the woodwork in a brisk motion. Do not go back and forth with your hand movement; only move the bristles one direction. Otherwise, you’ll only stir up the dirt.

Use the vacuum hose. Once you’ve finished dusting the dirt off the woodwork in one entire room, go back and vacuum up the dirt and debris, using the small vacuum hose that is attached to your vacuum cleaner. Be sure to place the hose’s end down firmly on the carpet for deep suction. Afterwards, get help from a toothbrush. Just run a soft-bristled toothbrush along the edge of the carpet (that is up against the woodwork) to help loosen any dirt that lodged itself down into the cracks. Repeat the vacuuming process. For the cleanest woodwork, you would then want to take a soft cloth (only moistened with water) and run it along the woodwork. Be sure to not scrub because the scrubbing action wears off the paint. You want to shine the paint, not remove it.

*Repeat this process once a month for optimal results.…

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