Any employee is happy with the organization or the company he is working with until he is provided a comfortable and a safe working environment. This is what he expects the company to do for whatever he is delivering to the company in the form of his efforts and knowledge. Sometimes, when he feels some sort of discomfort, he tries to jump over to a better one and in this case, he becomes eligible for getting the full and final settlement from the company he is working in. Of course, this is a fact that everybody knows and you might be thinking as to why this is being detailed so elaborately here.

The reason is that all of us just know about the amount and we wait patiently until it reaches our bank accounts. But do you know that you have the right of command over the company to settle the amount within a specific period? I am sure half of the readers have jumped out of their chairs after reading this. This is the truth and this is being followed in California.

Any employee, whether he leaves the job voluntarily or is asked to leave the job by the company, has the right to demand the company to make the final payment either on the same day of his leaving or within a period given as grace period to the company for settling the same. If the company fails to adhere to this, the employee becomes eligible to get extra money in the form of salary for the number of days delayed by the company for settlement. All the details regarding this are given in the California employment laws. This site will help you get your final wages on time without a delay. So get to know things and be authoritative in getting your pay.